Addicted to Hockey Wives; Put some Pep in your Step as a Wife and Mother

Hullo world. I am addicted to Hockey Wives. It’s Season 2 and I really look forward to pouring a glass of wine on Wednesday evenings and sitting down to find out what Angela Price, MP Morin, Tiffany Parros, Noureen DeWulf and the gang are up to.  hockey-wives-season-2_0

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The Story of a Soccer Mom in SoccerVille

Soccer MomAfter a year as the team manager of my son’s soccer team there are really no words to describe the strange world I had started to inhabit…

Once upon a time there was a 5 year old boy – we’ll call him Little C – who wanted to play soccer in Soccerville. And so I became a soccer mom. Continue reading

Part 6 – 13 Months of Unemployment almost Broke Me; 10 Life Lessons to Share; We’re not the Rich

Unemployed CanadaMy husband’s 13 months of jobs loss almost broke me.

The stakes are high when you have a family and a Vancouver-sized mortgage that is still much too close to half a million dollars after 8 years of home ownership.

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Part 5 – Our Canadian Family’s Journey Through Unemployment in 2015

It’s been a tough year for our middle-class Canadian family. In January 2015, my husband received his notice from Big Blue that his job as an IT management professional was being eliminated through no fault of his own. It has now been 10 months since he lost his job which has been the main source of income for our family of three. Continue reading