A Christmas Tradition: The Nutcracker


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The Nutracker ballet is a wonderful holiday tradition for families. This year, the Goh Ballet is featuring Prima Ballerina Paloma Herrera of the American Ballet Theatre in the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. I for one am looking forward to attending this year to watch The Nutracker come to life: Continue reading

Poetry is a Powerful Tool for Recovery for Young Eating Disorder Patients

On November 15th, Pandora’s Collective presents a “Midnight in Paris” themed gala fundraiser to help raise funds for the poetry outreach program at the BC Children’s Hospital Eating Disorder Clinic. Continue reading

Thrift or Treat Giveaway: Halloween Costumes at Value Village

Each year I ask my son the age old question, “What are you going to be for Halloween?? This year he didn’t have anything in mind (much to my surprise) so I took him shopping to find the perfect costume at Value Village. Why? Well for a few reasons:  Continue reading

Kindergarten Vignettes: Graduation Day

Tiny toes. Precious smiles. Adorable gurgles. That’s what I think about when I picture my baby boy – who has now graduated from Kindergarten!

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Continue reading

Redneck Grandpa: Butt Cracks and Cookie Dusters

Redneck Grandpa, Vancouver Mom BloggerI hail from small town British Columbia where the main industry is logging, beer is king and the culture varies from redneck conservative to hippy liberal. My father is a throwback who marches to the beat of his own drummer and a devoted grandpa. But things get really interesting when Grandpa goes into redneck mode. 

After driving all day through the mountains and beautiful scenery that is British Columbia, we’ve arrived in the Kootenays for a visit with Redneck Grandpa. Continue reading

Review: Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bars

Vancouver Mom Blogger This is a tiny bit embarrassing to admit but for a couple of years, my son ate a Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bar for breakfast every day. He loved them and I felt good about the fact that these cereal bars are made with whole grains and real fruit and have no preservatives or artificial flavours. Continue reading

Kindergarten Vignettes: Parent Reading

vancouver mom bloggerKindergarten is winding down with only 3 weeks left. To preserve these very special memories, I am dedicating this mini series of Kindergarten Vignettes to my son. Parent reading on Fridays has been a staple throughout the year, a perfect topic for today’s vignette… Continue reading