Part 4 – Should We Stay in Metro Vancouver or Should We Go?

We’ve been living with job loss in Vancouver for 7 months now. Luckily the severance package is seeing us through, but in addition to job hunting, my husband and I are considering the question of whether we should stay in the Metro Vancouver area or not. Continue reading

EarthBites Cooking Class Series

Recently, I had the opportunity to take in an EarthBites cooking class in Vancouver with the delightful Chef Alex Tung of La Grotta Del Formaggio who is an absolute wonder with cooking pasta. Continue reading

Part 3 – Sweating the Small Stuff in Job Loss

Job loss comes with a lot of paperwork and decision making; we were definitely sweating over the details or the “small stuff” for a couple of months. Continue reading

Part 2 – Sharing the News

It’s not easy to tell family and friends about a layoff. Continue reading

Part 1 – Job Loss

January 2015 hit our family like a truck when my husband was told he was about to be laid off from his job. After 20+ years of working for Big Blue, the employee, employer relationship was over just like that.  And now we are unemployed in Vancouver – no easy thing with our substantial mortgage and young family. Continue reading