Danger in the Pool

ID-100154182It was the most heartbreaking, frightening thing I have ever witnessed. I looked over at the pool from my patio chair to check in on my 7 year old – who swims like a fish – to see how he was doing at the pool party. My son was being held underwater Continue reading

Addicted to Hockey Wives; Put some Pep in your Step as a Wife and Mother

Hullo world. I am addicted to Hockey Wives. It’s Season 2 and I really look forward to pouring a glass of wine on Wednesday evenings and sitting down to find out what Angela Price, MP Morin, Tiffany Parros, Noureen DeWulf and the gang are up to.  hockey-wives-season-2_0

Continue reading

The Story of a Soccer Mom in SoccerVille

Soccer MomAfter a year as the team manager of my son’s soccer team there are really no words to describe the strange world I had started to inhabit…

Once upon a time there was a 5 year old boy – we’ll call him Little C – who wanted to play soccer in Soccerville. And so I became a soccer mom. Continue reading

Part 6 – 13 Months of Unemployment almost Broke Me; 10 Life Lessons to Share; We’re not the Rich

Unemployed CanadaMy husband’s 13 months of jobs loss almost broke me.

The stakes are high when you have a family and a Vancouver-sized mortgage that is still much too close to half a million dollars after 8 years of home ownership.

Try that on if you live in Regina or Halifax. Continue reading