Kindergarten Vignettes: Graduation Day

Tiny toes. Precious smiles. Adorable gurgles. That’s what I think about when I picture my baby boy – who has now graduated from Kindergarten!

Vancouver mom Blogger

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Redneck Grandpa: Butt Cracks and Cookie Dusters

Redneck Grandpa, Vancouver Mom BloggerI hail from small town British Columbia where the main industry is logging, beer is king and the culture varies from redneck conservative to hippy liberal. My father is a throwback who marches to the beat of his own drummer and a devoted grandpa. But things get really interesting when Grandpa goes into redneck mode. 

After driving all day through the mountains and beautiful scenery that is British Columbia, we’ve arrived in the Kootenays for a visit with Redneck Grandpa. Continue reading

Review: Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bars

Vancouver Mom Blogger This is a tiny bit embarrassing to admit but for a couple of years, my son ate a Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bar for breakfast every day. He loved them and I felt good about the fact that these cereal bars are made with whole grains and real fruit and have no preservatives or artificial flavours. Continue reading

Kindergarten Vignettes: Parent Reading

vancouver mom bloggerKindergarten is winding down with only 3 weeks left. To preserve these very special memories, I am dedicating this mini series of Kindergarten Vignettes to my son. Parent reading on Fridays has been a staple throughout the year, a perfect topic for today’s vignette… Continue reading

Kindergarten Vignettes: The Drop Off

vancouver mom blogger I can’t believe it but we are almost finished the kindergarten school year with our five-year-old. With only one month to go, I would like to capture a few of my favourite moments from our kindergarten experience. This one describes the magic of the daily drop off.

The school morning is a mad scramble to make my son’s lunch, ensure he is dressed with sunscreen on, water bottle in hand, field trip notices signed, books read and ready to return, knapsack filled to the brim, shoes or boots on and a coat. And don’t forget that lunch kit. Whew! Continue reading

Happy Anniversary Honey

Nine years ago today, these two crazy kids committed to loving each other forever. We’ve made it through the good and bad, and ups and downs of married life with a family and are still committed to each other. That’s something to be proud of. Continue reading

Fertility Facts and a Call to Action

Chances are you are someone or know someone who has dealt with infertility. You may be surprised to find out it is such a common problem – that 1 in 6 Canadian couples are dealing with infertility issues. That 36% of families facing IVF had to take out a loan or borrow from friends and families to afford IVF treatments. Or that only 3 Canadian provinces – Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario have made some kind of provisions to assist families with the prohibitive costs.  

The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) has come out with this great Infographic on Fertility Facts. Continue reading