Half Baked Banana Bread

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Cooking and baking is not my forte. But every now and then, I do like to make a batch of low fat banana bread or some cookies, and it’s good if I do say so myself! It’s always a challenge to do things in the kitchen with my 2 year old son around but I whipped up a batch of banana bread and snuck it into the oven when he wasn’t looking because daddy was there to distract him.¬†Cleanup was underway and I had just picked up the brown sugar to put it away when I realized that I forgot to use it! I’m thinking banana bread without sugar is not going to be a good thing so I pulled it out of the oven after just 5 minutes of cooking. After some thought, I poured the batter into a bowl, added the brown sugar, and then popped the batter back in the pan to bake.

The only problem was, that banana bread just wouldn’t cook. My recipe says cook for 80 minutes at 325 degrees. But it wasn’t done. So I cooked it for another 15 minutes, and then another 15 minutes and thought it had to be done. 10 minutes later I cut into a half baked banana bread. It was the bread that wouldn’t bake. Believe it or not, I put it back in the oven and cooked it for 30 more minutes and it was still not cooked all the way through.

I was super disappointed that it didn’t turn out. I didn’t get to eat one of my favourite treats. But more than that, I invested some of my precious time and energy into a task that went nowhere. I feel that happening to me a lot these days. I make a meal for my son and he refuses to eat it. I pick up his toys and within minutes they are back on the floor. I try to teach my son that pulling hair or biting is not okay, that it hurts mama, and I feel we are getting somewhere until he does it again.

These days I feel my energy level dropping. My resolve to tackle the next problem waning. My time for self care and reflection disappearing. I realize that I¬†need to dig deep to keep going, and I am going to find a way but some changes are needed. Half baked banana bread is not my future. I’m going to keep working on having the whole loaf.

Do you every feel like you’re investing yourself only to end up with a half baked result? I’d love to hear your thoughts, even to just know that I’m not alone.

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3 thoughts on “Half Baked Banana Bread

    1. Thanks for making the first comment on my site!! I guess my former incarnation as the Lean Cuisine Queen from my single days catches up with me every now and then with cooking disasters like this one…at least I’m not alone!

  1. Absolutely, I feel like giving up after I thoroughly clean the house all day 2 days in a row just to have it demolished at the end of the day. I think why bother? Or clean the kitchen and have 2 adults who can’t rinse dishes or wipe up after themselves and leave it as messy as when I started. Why bother? I just baked a loaf myself and did it per directions just to have the middle refuse to cook.

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