Out of the Mouths of Babes

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The ultimate diaper cake!

One afternoon, my son pointed to a picture of me on my dresser. This photo shows me seven months pregnant with the dude, and I just love it because I am standing beside my mother at my baby shower, holding the amazing blue diaper cake that she made for me.

“Grandma!” he says pointing proudly. “And mama!”

“That’s right! And guess what else – you are there too in mama’s tummy!” I say, wondering in mid-sentence how I would explain any more about that to my two-year-old.

He looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes, walked up to pat my tummy and said the last thing I was expecting to hear. “Try it!”

I burst out laughing. Then I┬áhad to break the news that there is no going back in there. “Tiny little babies grow in a mama’s tummy but now you are a big boy!” I say.

I guess there is no use worrying about explaining the wonders of creating a life just yet. No doubt that day will come. But for right now, I can just laugh and ponder the innocent musings of my son.

Out of the mouths of babes.

How have you explained the wonders of pregnancy and babies to your little one? Or have you?

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