Review: Fisher Price Rescue Heroes Fire Truck with Billy Blazes

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We were excited to receive our Rescue Heroes Fire Truck with Billy Blazes. As we opened this toy, I was impressed to find out that almost all the packaging was recyclable and wouldn’t be filling up my garbage bin.

My 3 year old son was more interested in getting his hands on the bright red firetruck. It was pretty easy to put together, thank goodness, because he was jumping up and down in excitement.

His eyes just got big when he figured out that there are water bombs that can be loaded and fired from the back of the truck – he loves doing that! I¬†was a bit nervous at first that he might get hurt by a flying projectile but it’s safe as long as he keeps his face away when loading and firing – I would recommend parental supervision for the 3 year old crowd until they get used to it.

If I had one criticism it was that the stickers look like they might fall off in the near future.

My son likes driving the truck around, playing the siren and launching the water bombs – overall this toy is very interactive, fun, and has been a big hit in our home! I would definitely recommend this toy to others.

Drive Billy Blazes!
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One thought on “Review: Fisher Price Rescue Heroes Fire Truck with Billy Blazes

  1. Lori
    Well, Fisher Price has a sterling reputation for producing great toys that are also adventures in learning! Their toys also encourage and strengthen eye-hand coordination as well. Nice post.

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