Cabin Fever

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Rowboat ride at the cabin.

Last week, we made our annual trek to the family cabin on the Sunshine Coast. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? And it is wonderfully relaxing to stay at our century old cabin by the sea –  except for the lack of sleep, sick child and sick mama.

Our first day, we were welcomed by a fabulous day of sunshine and a sparkling blue ocean. We swam, we played on the beach, we supped and then we spent half the night up with a coughing, feverish child.

He was a trooper though, and didn’t miss a day playing outside, throwing sand, filling up the bucket with water, looking for crabs and walking logs down the beach.

It was tons of fun. I had some downtime where I read the latest two Sookie Stackhouse novels (so good!). I did a little shopping at my favourite gift boutiques Peggy Sues and Swallow’s Nest and made my requisite stop at Wheatberries for a chocolate chai latte and maple cinnamon bun. My husband and I even made it out for dinner at the pub and a movie (Crazy, Stupid Love) while the grandparents babysat.

But I was next to succumb to the nasty virus. Not surprising since my son had snotted all over my pillow and clothes in his quest to avoid using kleenex. I was a sad little mama at the beach for the next few days.

We took the ferry home Sunday and I have to admit I was happy to be home and ready to sleep in my own bed. Sleep being the operative word.

At the cabin, we had my son’s mattress on the floor by our bed and he just thinks that is the cat’s meow. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s just a quick hop and a jump into our bed for a squirmy cuddle and a few elbows and knees in the ribs. Not to mention the blindingly bright nightlight shining into my eyes all night.

Our cabin vacations are the greatest, fever or no fever. But boy, oh buoy, it’s great to be home.

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