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Date NightDate night! On Friday night, my husband and I attended our friends’ fabulous anniversary bash – 25 years married and in still in love, love, love.

I am so proud of them! I got to dress up, eat a relaxing dinner and dance the night away.

We stayed out until 11 pm and had a great time! AND, for the first time, we entrusted our son with a 13 year old baby sitter for the evening.

We don’t have our parents in town and for the past three years, we have seldom been out for dates unless my sister-in-law offers or our parents are in town, maybe once every couple of months.

I have been able to get out and meetup up with friends but my husband and I need to have some fun together and some time just for us.

So I have recently taken advantage of our neighbourhood’s babysitter list and found out there are sisters who live two doors down who are babysitting age.

I was able to meet the two girls and their parents when we had them over for a get to know each other session and I was impressed. My son seemed to enjoy them too and wanted to bring out all his toys out to show off!

I figure that since we live in the age of cell phones and texting, it is easy to keep in touch during the night and make sure everything is okay. We weren’t far away, just 15 minutes by car and our home is childproofed to the max.

The babysitter worked out just fine, and even called us once during the evening at the request of my son to check out with us if it was okay for him to eat his snack in his room at bedtime. The fact that he can talk so well now really helps.

The hard part is letting go of my fear that something will go wrong. It is hard to trust someone you don’t know very well with the most precious thing in your life – your child. But it is time for us to have time to ourselves.

I like the idea that we can get to know the girls over time and my son will get to know and feel more comfortable with them. That will make it easier. For now, we’ll go out to places that are close by and stay in close touch during the nights we are out.  Thanks to our new babysitters!

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