I Miss Daddy

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My boys.

Oh the drama of being a 3 year old! With my husband away for a few days on business, my boy has been inconsolable.

I’m not sure exactly why but there are at least a couple of factors at work. One is that Daddy promised to bring back a gift from New York. And he really wants this gift. “Right now mommy”! The other thing is that we are going through a stage where my little man has selective hearing. His listening ears are not listening. And that is not cool. It makes my life really difficult, and so I have to put my foot down and maintain the rules or risk being ignored for years to come. ¬†And you guessed it, when I do a time out at a time like this, the crying starts and he starts asking for Daddy.

I also have an instinct that with my husband away, my child is feeling somewhat insecure and anxious. We have had lots of talks about this short trip, lots of loves, and daily phone calls. Tonight when my son dissolved into tears and cried for his father, I picked up the phone and called him so they could talk. I had to resort to a Bob the Builder video to calm him down even after that. This is some kind of separation anxiety. Fortunately it’s just temporary.

Daddy can’t get home soon enough for this mommy. Only one more sleep.

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