Bedtime Tales

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It’s bedtime. I’m home by myself this evening so it’s my turn to get the boy to the potty “for a poop AND a pee mom.” Then I sing a little ditty that I made up to entertain myself – I mean my son – as I brush his teeth. Sung to the tune of “Are You Sleeping” it goes like this:

Brush-a, brush-a
Brush-a, Brush-a
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth,
Got to get them all brushed,
Got to get them all clean,
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth. 

Then we’re off to his room and wouldn’t you know it, I forgot we hadn’t completely remade his bed after last night’s pee accident. So I make up the bed with fresh bedding. Darn it – why is it so  hard to get the sheet and mattress pad to fit this mattress!

Jammy time and he’s pretty good about getting his shirt on, but wants to lose the pants. I win that one ’cause Elmo’s wearing headphones on the pants and that’s pretty cool in this three-year-old’s eyes!

My son picked some classics out of his book pile tonight: Bambi, The Hungry Caterpillar and Are You My Mother? I fumble my way through Bambi, skipping the part when the mother deer is shot by “man” because there is no way I am going to scar my baby for life. Instead I tell him that Bambi got lost and his father came to find him. He “reads” me Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar by memory and I am a proud mama. Then we start Are You My Mother and at the end he says “we should sell this book at the swap sale!” And I just know in my heart that between Bambi and this book where the little bird can’t find it’s mother that it was all too much for him to bear. I promise him I won’t lose him ever and we can sell the book if he really wants to. We complete the bedtime ritual with songs and loves and I say goodnight.

Then I brace myself. Either he’s going to drop off to sleep immediately or I’ll get some visits down the hallway from my boy as he tries to delay the inevitable…and it’s door number two tonight. He’s pretty creative though with the excuses I hear over the next 10 minutes!

  • Mama! I need my water bottle!
  • I really wanted to play some more. I really want to play. Will you play with me?
  • I really want my bedtime cuddle, my bedtime cuddle mama. Come cuddle with me!
  • Mama, I really wanted to go to the pool today! Can we go now?
  • Mama, it was only a short day today. I wanted a long day!
  • Mama. Mama! Can you fix my blankets?
  • I need my sweet dreams! What are my sweet dreams mama?

It’s finally quiet and I’m grateful. I love this energetic, creative little being with all that I am. But I am a happy mama when he’s gone to sleep. Tonight I’m taking the time to write this bedtime tale into memory. I never want to forget it.

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