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At my Hatha yoga class this morning, the instructor guided us students to practice thinking about gratitude as a way of staying present. Instead of allowing my mind to spin from topic to topic, I would take a breath while in a pose and think of something I am grateful for:

  • that I met my husband when I did in 2003
  • the life we have built together
  • my adorable 4-year-old son
  • the gift of time with my child
  • our home together
  • my family – parents, sister, nieces, aunts and uncles – and the love, support and sense of belonging they give me
  • my girlfriends, my moms group and my new friends in the blogger community for the support, friendship, fun, laughter and shared experiences with our children
  • my yoga teacher Alissa at Kushala Yoga for the peace and serenity she brings to the classes I attend.

My mind is always going, all too often with worried or anxious thoughts, and I love yoga for helping me to break that cycle and be fully present and peaceful for a few moments in my week.

All in all, I have a lot to be thankful for. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and have invited some good friends over to share it. I can’t wait for the turkey dinner and the great company. I am filled with gratitude and all the more mindful of my blessings today thanks to my yoga class. Namaste.

What are you grateful for? What do you do to slow down your thoughts and be more present?

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