Green Your Cleaning Routine and Seventh Generation Starter Kit Giveaway

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When I became a mother, I became a lot more conscious about what kinds of chemicals were coming into my home. I didn’t want to expose my child to any unnecessary toxins because many of the products we use in our homes contain chemicals that may be harmful to human health, causing allergies, asthma and even cancer.

I began purchasing organic and green products regularly. I even experimented with making my own cleaners with some success:

  • My best tip is to pour ½ cup of vinegar into a pail of water and use a damp flat mop to give your hardwood floors a gentle clean and shine.
  • I also have been known to clean my counters, windows and mirrors with a solution of half vinegar, half water. Dr. Oz says that vinegar even kills off e-coli!

But realistically I am not going to be using home made cleaners for everything.

Luckily there are some companies that have created plant‐based, family‐safe “green” alternatives to ensure we avoid hazardous toxins when we clean.

I recently received a starter kit of Seventh Generation products to try out in my home. I had never tried this brand before but I like it. I like the scents of the dish liquid and it doesn’t dry out my hands. I like the free and clear version of the laundry detergent as I have an allergy to some detergents. And I like feeling good about choosing products that are better for the environment and for my family’s health.

In terms of price, I recommend that you watch for sales. My friend and fellow blogger Agi at Vodka Infused Lemonade tells me that Thrifty Foods often has a buy one get one sale on Seventh Generation items. You can also find coupons on

I am excited to announce the following giveaway: one lucky reader will receive a starter kit of Seventh Generation products. Only Canadian residents are eligible for this contest. The winner will receive:

  • Free and Clear Natural Dish Liquid: This plant‐derived dish soap is the best defense against stubborn grease, grime, and dirt. It’s also hypoallergenic so it’s soft on kids skin when they’re pitching‐in with the dishes.
  • Free and Clear All Purpose Cleaner: When trying to rid countertops of sticky fingerprints, this non‐toxic, VOC‐free formula works great on all surfaces of the home from marble to granite to stainless steel!
  • 4X Laundry Detergent: At the end of the week, when it comes time to wash lunch containers, cloth napkins and kid’s clothes, use Seventh Generation’s 4X formula. Its plant‐based, multiple‐enzyme formula fights the toughest stains and is sensitive on kids’ skin, and contains 66 loads per bottle.

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And the lucky winner is Alissa Hutton! Congratulations!

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8 thoughts on “Green Your Cleaning Routine and Seventh Generation Starter Kit Giveaway

  1. We go through buckets of vinegar in my house too:) Great and much more cost effective way to clean. Especially for kids that may have skin sensitivities/allergies like my son.

  2. Hello, Lori!! I’d love some 7th gen products too! We have used them at home and will pick them up when on sale. I also the vinegar/water solution and I add a couple drops of lavender essential oil. Apparently it’s also antibacterial and I love the smell. Thanks for the opportunity to win some products!

  3. Hi Lori,

    I also changed my habits and choices since I became a mom, I only use a cleaner that works well with all the many things that we do as moms, dishes, dishwasher, laundry,cleaning floors, washing hands etc… this cleaner is made using only natural ingredients and it’s amazing how much money it has saved me 🙂 I love the smell and it’s gentle on everyone’s skin at home.
    It’s name is thieves cleaner and I love it.
    It also disinfects fruits and vegetables and its perfectly safe.
    I used to have more than 6 bottles of different products under my sink, now there is only one and the best part, it’s safe if little hands get a hold of it 😉

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