Cooking Class for Kids at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

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We were invited to take part in a cooking class for kids at Rocky Mountain Flatbread in Vancouver. You can see how fun it was from the photos!

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This is a kid friendly restaurant with a small kitchen area for your little ones to play. Now for a run down of the cooking class.

First up was making mango guacamole. The boys rocked it.

the write mama rmfb cutting avocadosthe write mama rmfb making guacamole

I’m not sure if the cutting or mashing was more fun, but just add mashed avocados to pieces of mango, a bit of lemon juice and a sprinkle of your favourite herbs and you are done. Truth be told, my son wasn’t a fan but I loved it.

the write mama rmfb popcorn

Next up was apple pie popcorn. My son has never seen an air popcorn popper so watching that was a hit in itself! Just mix up some melted butter, ripped up dried apple pieces, a taste of maple syrup and cinnamon and voila!

Now for the grande finale – home made pizza anyone?

the write mama rmfb rolling pin

Roll out the dough.

the write mama rmfb pizza creation

Add your tomato sauce and lots of cheese. Topping options also included pepperoni, ham, chicken, mango, spinach, etc.

the write mama rmfb woodstove

Cook it all up in a pizza oven!

the write mama rmfb mmm good

And lunch is ready! What more can I say about that – it was a blast and my son says he would like to go back again and again and again.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread has family pizza making nights on Sundays for $6.95 per child if you are interested in trying it out. They also have pizza making parties which sound like lots of fun for $13 per child (plus taxes and gratuities). And from what I can see it is a fine place to dine if you are out for the day in Vancouver.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread will be choosing someone randomly from their Facebook page to win 2 tickets to their Family Pizza Nights (Sunday and mondays 5 – 7 pm). Enter to win by liking their Facebook page.

We received a free kids cooking class in return for this review. We had a great time and everything you read here is for real.

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One thought on “Cooking Class for Kids at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

  1. I can’t wait to take my children to an adventure like that…they would love it. They already think they are mini chefs. I would love not having to clean up the mess, lol. 🙂

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