Kindergarten Vignettes: Welcome to Kindergarten

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Attending the Welcome to Kindergarten session at our new elementary school with my son was a proud moment for myself and my husband. Our son was nervous but also excited to check out the new school he is going to in September and to find out about kindergarten.

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The gym was full of pint sized kids and their parents as we received introductions from the principal. I loved watching my son “find his people” jumping up on the stage to surreptitiously bang his heels against the side of the stage with his new friends.

Then it was off  to the classrooms for a quick orientation. Unfortunately the current kindergarten teacher we would have had is retiring so we weren’t able to meet the teacher. That will come in September.

But we did get a chance to experience a short circle time and meet some of the kids and parents who our son will go to school with. I even met another mom who lives on my block! How great is that!

My boy did a quick reconnoiter to check out the classroom toys – lego (check), art supplies (check), coat hook (check), books (check), toy kitchen (check, check)…

And it was all very welcoming, if chaotic, and then it was done. My son was jonesing to pick up our grab bag and  head out to the ice cream stand that was set up in the courtyard.  He has his priorities in order, that’s all.

We went home and checked out our list of school supplies for next year, a new book to read at story time, a fun summer activity to work on and bring back to school in September and some ideas on how to prepare for letter writing and reading over the summer.

Welcome to Kindergarten was a great way to get introduced to our new school. It is also a way to manage this big change in our lives. I am very excited and I think he is ready. But I am also sad that the chapter of our lives where I have been home with my baby –  watching him grow into a toddler and then a preschooler – and experiencing life with him is about to change.

A new chapter is about to begin. 

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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Vignettes: Welcome to Kindergarten

  1. Hi Lori
    Great story. Sounds like the whole family enjoyed our Welcome To Kindergarten event. And that it helped to ease worries over the big transition to school. The resource bag your son received hopefully will be well-used!! Tell me, did your family take part in any of the ‘stations’ at the event — such as reading, numbers, playdough, etc.? They are intended to highlight using some of the resource bags contents.

    FYI: we have over 100,000 incoming kindergarten students taking part in this program across Canada – all in public schools!!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Thank you for coming by my blog to comment!

      Welcome to Kindergarten was definitely a big help. There was a craft table but I think my son was too excited to focus too much on it. The teacher did a fun exercise with the letters and numbers from the resource bag to show us what we could do at home with them…

      Do all kindergarten classes in Canada have this program? It was a question that came up on Facebook from some of the moms after I posted the article.
      Thank you!

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