My Daddy Rocks: Jadon

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Today’s my Daddy Rocks interview is with the adorable Jadon who as you will see has a way with words and loves to par-tay! Welcome Jadon!

My name is Jadon and I am 4 years old.

My mommy’s name is Kristina and she is helping me tell you about my daddy today because I don’t know.

My daddy’s name is Dada and I call him Daddy.

I love my daddy because I play with his phone!

My favourite book to read is truck book and my favourite song to sing with daddy is the planet song.

I laugh out loud when Daddy hangs around with me.

My favourite thing in the world to do with my daddy is hang out.

This summer, me and my daddy are going to party!

My daddy rocks because I love him.

vancouver mom blogger

Thank you Jadon. You are so cute! And thank you to Jadon’s mom – the lovely and beautiful Kristina Cross – who blogs at Swankmama for coming to play with me here on The Write Mama. You can also find her on Twitter @SwankMama or on her Facebook  fan page.

If you know a daddy who rocks and would like to participate in this new series, please contact me at thewritemama(at)

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