Milk Unleashed: Why you should Add Shelf Safe Milk to your Shopping List

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I recently discovered Shelf Safe Milk – as in milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it is opened. Sounds nuts right? At first I just didn’t get it, but then I decided to give it a try. Here’s why I think you should add shelf safe milk to your shopping list:

Milk Unleashed on Vancouver Mom Blogger The Write MamaWhat is Shelf Safe Milk? Here’s the low down. Shelf safe milk is also called UHT milk. UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature meaning the milk has been pasturized at a higher temperature but for a shorter time to preserve the taste and nutrition. You don’t need to refrigerate UHT milk until you open the Tetra Pak carton it comes in. You do still need to check the date printed on the packages just like any other product you buy.

Why buy Shelf Safe Milk?

  • Stock up up your pantry so you never run out of milk
  • Add single-serving cartons into lunch boxes, beach bags, diaper bags or picnic baskets
  • Great for car trips, camping and other travel

Milk Unleashed on Vancouver Mom Blogger The Write MamaThe big question – how does it taste? I enjoyed the 2% UHT milk in my tea when we went camping last weekend and it was so handy to pull out the one serving Tetra Pak from our cooler. When I tasted it on its own it was a bit creamier than I am used to but I usually drink skim milk. My son and I both tried the chocolate milk and it was delicious!

Where can you buy it? The brands available in Canada are Chokeo (lunchbox size), Grand Pre, Baboo (for toddlers) and individual store brands (who knew?) which are available at various grocery stores including Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, Costco, IGA, Sobey and Lowblaws.

Lunchbox Makeover Contest Milk unleashed is currently running a lunchbox makeover contest where you can share your creative back to school lunchbox ideas and win a month’s supply of shelf milk.

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Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Milk Unleashed. I received some  complimentary samples to try out and was compensated for writing about it. All opinions expressed in the article are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Milk Unleashed: Why you should Add Shelf Safe Milk to your Shopping List

    1. Thanks Salma – it is definitely worth a try. A funny story is that we ran out of milk this morning and I still have a box of shelf milk in the pantry : ) Saved!

  1. We have two very opposite opinions on the safety and use of UHT Milk. I for one have a young family and will hold off on using UHT milk. That is until this is researched more on any long term effects on using this product are known. I am a firm believer that less “modified foods” are much better for your body. Right or wrong the scientific minds of the food industry are working over time to change the basic building blocks and or shelf life of food products for added convenience. I keep thinking about the story of a hamburger from a fast food chain that was left out on the counter for over a year and did not spoil..Yikes… Any time a food supplier offers you a product that lasts longer, does not need refrigeration, or changed (processed) in any way, we need to take a step back and say, how good is this for me?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Patti. From what I know UHT milk has been around for a long time. That is what they use in Europe. I do think it is wise to make whatever decision you feel comfortable with for your own family. I feel totally comfortable using it myself…

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