Getting Organized for Kindergarten

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Kindergarten starts tomorrow and I have been in a whirlwind of activity for the past week or two to get my family and house organized for back to school.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. First, I finally unpacked our suitcases and put away random remnants from two summer trips out of town and one camping trip
  2. I washed an unbelievable amount of laundry, like 20 loads
  3. I re-organized closets and dressers. It’s amazing what you can find at the bottom of a closet including one large hairy black house spider (gah!)
  4. I cleaned up the usual clutter so the housekeeper could come and clean the house. The truth is, I am no domestic diva and have simply surrendered to the fact that I need help to prevent myself from being buried alive by dust bunnies.
  5. I tried to re-organize my son’s room (dear God) so the housekeeper could get in there to clean. If anybody has a good storage system for a mountain of Lego, please let me know ASAP.
  6. I made my first run to the thrift store with a box of donations and started a box of toys and clothes that we’ll eventually put in a swap meet
  7. Thought about my blog from time to time and just had to let it go…
  8. Removed everything, I mean every last thing out of my gawd awful crowded pantry cupboards (I have two), checked dates on cans, took out the stuff we will never use, reorganized the pantry and made a run to the food bank
  9. Scanned grocery store flyers for deals and went through my stash of coupons. Wondered when the last time I went grocery shopping was. We made three grocery shopping trips and a Costco run to restock the pantry.
  10. Reorganized the fridge. Had to fit the new food in somehow!
  11. Shopped for school supplies
  12. Organized my scrapbooking nook and spare room. Got inspired and finished scrapbooking all 2011 pictures. Yay!
  13. Made my second trip to the thrift store with donations
  14. Ordered pictures to be printed from 2012 for next phase of my mad scrapbooking binge.  Picked up and sorted pictures.
  15. Looked at my computer, feeling very guilty. Realized blogging does not result in an organized house. Looked away.
  16. Baked and froze cookies for fall snacks
  17. Set up a last minute date with husband last night as kindergarten boy going bananas.
  18. Today, took every last thing out of my gawd awful fridge freezers (I have two that were stuffed full) and organized everything while hubby and son painted the porch and stairs.
  19. Made my son’s Kindergarten collage assigned at Welcome to Kindergarten back in May.
  20. Made a new to do list for the week
  21. Looked at blog. Missed it. Looked at house. Looks pretty good. The unorganized chaos has subsided. Sat down to write this post with a clear conscience.
  22. Kindergarten starts tomorrow. I can’t believe it. We are ready.
  23. Pressed publish. It feels good to be back. Thanks for understanding!

What have you been doing to get ready for back to school? 

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6 thoughts on “Getting Organized for Kindergarten

  1. oh my goodness you did get a lot done! I only wish I could’ve got that much done before mine started! While you were organizing mine, were already returning to school, and as my youngest was starting pre-k, it has been quite the adjustment…and me wondering if he would get to stay in pre-k. He had me worried there for about a week. I also spent last week going through drawers and trying to make sense of the mess called clothing. Good luck with sending them off to school this year, sounds like your off to a good start!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Michelle. It is a huge change for us and I may be more bothered by it than my little man is…we will see. In the meantime,I burned off a lot of nervous energy anyways with that massive organizing binge LOL!

  2. Lori… I totally agree with you and second you on this, I also prefer cleaning and oraganising before sending my daughter Eva to the Kindergarten. And I found my self so lucky that I have got some new tips from you. Thanks a lot Lori!!!

    1. Ha ha – I may have been working off some nervous energy and anxiety about starting kindergarten. On the good side, my house is looking much better!

  3. I and my family moved to Canada 6 months back and I am waiting for my 3.5 years old boy to start for his kindergarten. I don’t know when this COVID-19 will pass and I can send my child to kindergarten but I am going to bookmark this article for future references.

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