Review: The Chop Shop – Affordable Hair Cuts for Families

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ChopShopHair_biglogoBy Dan Bechard

Recently, I was lucky enough to get a complimentary haircut at the new Coquitlam location of the Chop Shop. Located conveniently right behind Coquitlam Centre near Glen and Pacific, the Chop Shop brings a little downtown flair to a Tri-Cities location.

Seeing the Chop Shop from the street, you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be an upscale tattoo shop or a custom car shop – their décor and branding have a 50’s hot rod vibe. There’s chrome everywhere, and the stylists keep their implements in mechanics’ roll-around tool chests. The overall feel brings a fun edge you don’t usually find in the suburbs, but it’s not a guys-only zone – the whole family is welcome.

I met the manager, Starr, and we chatted while she got started on my wash and cut. Over the years she has worked in and owned various nearby locations, but recently she jumped at the chance to work with a former collaborator in opening this new location, based on the first successful shop downtown. I think they’ve been successful in creating an edgy downtown vibe without the pretense and frou-frou spa accents you often find there.

I had let my hair grow so long that I was nearly unrecognizable, but Starr worked with me to get my hair back in shape. After the initial take, I asked for a few changes, and Starr quickly gave me my regular cut with a bit of her own flair.

The Chop Shop is priced very reasonably. I know it fits with my budget with men’s cuts $22 and kids cuts at $15. Ladies cuts start at $40 for short hair and $55 for long hair.

If you want your hair cut in a spa atmosphere, Chop Shop probably isn’t your place. But if you are looking for a family place in the Tri-Cities with a cool vibe and affordable prices, give them a try.

150 – 1169 Pacific Street
Coquitlam BC


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2 thoughts on “Review: The Chop Shop – Affordable Hair Cuts for Families

  1. Can’t say I will go back. The atmosphere and temp in this shop are cold! I had an appointment for 130 and it was close to 2pm before I was even acknowledged. I was asked to fill out a customer info sheet that asked where I live – why? Email? No thanks. Let me get a hair cut and decide if I am coming back before you start soliciting me. This is a trial. I was told to sit in the chair then 2 minutes later to the shampoo room. Ok, why not there first. Minor, but annoying. The paper I was asked to fill out had asked me what I would like done today and she obviously didn’t read it cus she then asked what I was there for vs asking me to elaborate on what I had wrote down. She trimmed my hair as I asked her to and it was OK. Next came the blow drying process – almost 30 minutes and my hair is still wet. She got brush tangled and stuck in my hair twice – that was fun. She asked me how I wanted it dried and I said quickly, and to let it just lie. 15 mins in she is trying to make curls wtf?! It was just a long long experience in which she didn’t really listen to me. I’m now home with wet, tangled hair. I feel like I just spent 50 bucks to have someone practice the use of a blow dryer.

    1. Eek, sorry you had such a terrible experience! I don’t blame you for being mad. My husband and I both went to the manager Starr for our cuts and she was very professional.

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