Kindergarten Vignettes: The Drop Off

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vancouver mom blogger I can’t believe it but we are almost finished the kindergarten school year with our five-year-old. With only one month to go, I would like to capture a few of my favourite moments from our kindergarten experience. This one describes the magic of the daily drop off.

The school morning is a mad scramble to make my son’s lunch, ensure he is dressed with sunscreen on, water bottle in hand, field trip notices signed, books read and ready to return, knapsack filled to the brim, shoes or boots on and a coat. And don’t forget that lunch kit. Whew!

We cannot leave the house without my determined son deciding on and finding the perfect treasures to bring to school to share with his friends. Through the months, his little pockets and treasure bag have been stuffed full with Lego mini-figures, marbles, highlighter pens, crayons, money, hexbugs, super heroes, rainbow looms, Pokemon cards. and who knows what else.

Then it’s into the van for the quick drive to school where we get parked down the block and walk hand in hand across the field to the courtyard where he lines up outside the doors as we wait for the bell to ring. Other days, he finds a friend on the brief walk and there he goes, off for a lively race down the sidewalk while I stride to catch up, now weighed down by the backpack he has abandoned.

I love watching the sparkle in my son’s eyes as he and his friends huddle together in the line up showing off their treasures and exchanging secrets.

Once in a while, there’s some pushing and shoving. One mom calls her son over and reminds him to keep his hands to himself.

When the bell rings, the teacher greets the children with a smile and a kind word, and down the hall we traipse to find the cloakroom, change shoes, and put away jackets and back packs.

My son takes a moment to check his pockets to make sure he has his treasure, and reaches up to me with both hands and pursed lips for a kiss and a hug. These days, he runs straight into the classroom, happy and secure in the knowledge that he will be welcomed by friends and nurtured by his kindergarten teacher.

“Kindergarten is like an all day play date, mom,” he told me once.

I watch from the doorway as the kids begin to form their circle on the carpet and wait for their teacher to start the class. The children chatter with one another excitedly, telling secrets, still showing off their special things, all the while engrossed in each other and in their next kindergarten adventure.

I watch another minute or two as the kindergarten teacher begins clapping the class into their routine, going round the room to welcome each of the students to the class by name. Reluctantly I turn away, realizing one of my favourite parts of the day with him is over but knowing that he is happy and we have chosen well with our elementary school.

The drop off is complete.

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