Review: Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bars

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Vancouver Mom Blogger This is a tiny bit embarrassing to admit but for a couple of years, my son ate a Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bar for breakfast every day. He loved them and I felt good about the fact that these cereal bars are made with whole grains and real fruit and have no preservatives or artificial flavours.

It all started because we have a suite downstairs and it was easy to grab a Little Kids Cereal Bar when he woke up early every morning and sit him in front of the TV for a quiet show before we woke up the rest of the household. No muss. No fuss. And once you start a routine for a toddler like that, well, it takes on a life of its own!

I laugh thinking about all the times I bought 10 boxes of these bars at a time after scouring the local grocery store flyers for good sales. Walmart usually had a good price or sometimes Safeway or Superstore. I usually bought either the apple cinnamon or acai, blueberry, raspberry flavours.

We even travelled with a box or two of these bars or asked our parents to go to the store to stock up before we came for a visit. For the grandparents out there, the cereal bars are usually stocked in the baby aisle at the grocery store…they can be kind of hard to find because of that.

These days, my son has moved onto bagels and toast for his morning breakfast so we don’t need to carry cereal bars wherever we go any longer.

But  we would definitely recommend the Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bars if you are looking for a pint-sized snack (or breakfast) for your toddler.

Disclosure: Heinz approached me to ask if I was interested in doing a review of one of their Little Kids products and based on our real life experience with their product, I had to say yes! I was compensated for our true story and all opinions are my own. For more information on Heinz Little Kids products, please visit

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