Part 2 – Sharing the News

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It’s not easy to tell family and friends about a layoff. bad-newsAt first we only told family that my husband, the primary wage earner in the family, had been laid off. We tried to do so in a way that was reassuring even though our world was being rocked.
“So something has come up…”

“We’ve got some time to figure things out now…”

“We don’t want you to be concerned about this…”

Hearing that your parents are worried about you and wondering if they should be spending money on a new car in case they will have to float you a loan isn’t a good feeling.

And while we told close friends about what was going on, it took a while to share the news with others.

Somehow the words just didn’t want to come out…it felt too big and private to talk about.

Sharing the news about a layoff is just a shitty feeling.

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