Part 3 – Sweating the Small Stuff in Job Loss

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Job loss comes with a lot of paperwork and decision making; we were definitely sweating over the details or the “small stuff” for a couple of months.

Early on, it was the uncertainty and newness of the situation that really got to us.  Running through my mind were questions like:

  • “Will we have enough money?”
  • “How will this affect our family in the short and long term?”
  • “Will we have to sell our house?”
  • “Will I have to go back to work full time?”

It took a while for all that angst to settle down as we consulted professionals to help us work through the situation.

The Write Mama Small Stuff PaperworkAnyone who experiences job loss should consider consulting with a lawyer and financial adviser. These professionals can really help smooth the way when it comes to understanding your legal rights and making sure you have a sound financial plan in place for the next 6 to 12 months while you are unemployed.

It was tough emotionally but my husband and I worked through the details together and without a doubt it it has made us stronger in the end.

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