Infertility Treatment Options: The EEVA Test

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EEVAToday’s blog post – talking about The EEVA Test for IVF – is the beginning of a new series I am working on to explore new technologies and options that are available to families dealing with infertility.

Having a baby is supposed to be easy, even “fun” (with all that baby making sex) but for families like mine, a diagnosis of infertility can lead to expensive fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization and an emotional and at times heartbreaking journey when things are not going well.

A lot has changed since I successfully underwent fertility treatments in 2007 and gave birth to our son and it is exciting to hear about new technologies like the EEVA Test and how it may be a good option for families in Canada who are undergoing IVF.

What is The EEVA Test? The EEVA Test was developed as a way to improve pregnancy rates for women undergoing in vitro fertilization. EEVA stands for early embryonic viability assessment. The EEVA technology is time lapse imaging that helps the embryologist accurately identify embryos with the best potential for a successful pregnancy. Once an embryo is selected and implanted in a woman’s uterus, it is time to wait and cross your fingers for a positive pregnancy test.

How does EEVA make a difference for families undergoing IVF? Recent tests show that embryologists using the EEVA test for IVF in addition to standard lab practices increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by up to 10%. Another study demonstrated that EEVA test together with traditional methods increase chances of forming a blastocyst (which is very desirable result in the IVF process) by 53 %.

When you are dealing with a IVF – a procedure that costs thousands of dollars not to mention the emotional toll on a family facing infertility – that 10% increase can mean a lot. Check with your fertility doctor to find out if this would be a good option for your family.

Is the EEVA Test available at my fertility clinic? There are currently seven clinics in Canada that have EEVA. Mount Sinai Fertility in Toronto and the Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver, BC were two of the first clinics to adopt the technology. Check with your fertility clinic to see if EEVA is available.

Is there an additional cost for the EEVA test? There is an additional cost for the EEVA Test. You can check the fee schedule at your fertility centre to find out what they charge. As an example, the Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver charges $1,500.

How do I find out more about EEVA? For more information, talk to your fertility specialist and/or visit
The EEVA Test - Featured on The Write Mama

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and was chosen as it was a fit for my blog and personal history. All opinions are my own. 

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