How Infertility is Affecting BC Families

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Infertility was one of the biggest challenges in my life – a personal and difficult journey my husband and I had to overcome to have our family. But infertility is so much bigger than just one person’s story because with 1 in 6 families struggling with infertility in BC and no public funding for IVF, this disease is taking a toll on too many families. It’s time to join the fight for IVF funding in BC:

ivf funding in BC


The Facts

Here’s what we know about infertility and how it is affecting BC families today:

  • Infertility is a disease that is almost always caused by medical issues such as endometriosis or premature ovarian failure;
  • IVF is the most common treatment for infertility;
  • BC patients face costs of $10,000 to $13,000 per IVF cycle, and multiple cycles (with single embryo transfer) are often needed to get that big fat positive result for a successful and healthy pregnancy;
  • 59% of infertility patients in BC reported that cost was a barrier to proceeding with the medically necessary treatment they needed to treat infertility;
  • While 65% of Canadians (in 4 provinces) have access to public funding for IVF, BC patients are in the minority and do not.

Join the Fight for IVF Funding in BC

It is heartbreaking that 59% of BC families facing infertility are worried about the costs of getting treatment. These folks are your friends and family, your neighbours, and your coworkers; it is so unacceptable that they are forced to go into debt or having to get second and third jobs to afford IVF treatments so they can have babies. Here’s how you can get involved to advocate for IVF funding for BC Families:

  • Be sure you are registered to vote in the upcoming election.
  • Talk to representatives when they come to the door.
  • Tell your story and ask them where they stand on IVF funding.
  • Sign the petition if you have not already.
  • Follow ivf4bc on Twitter:
  • Follow or join the Facebook conversation here:

Your support means everything to these families. Thank you!

I am working with IVF4BC and Thrifty Mom Media to tell the story of why IVF funding makes sense for infertility patients in BC, and as such I have been compensated. 

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