My Daddy Rocks: Emma

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vancouver mom bloggerOn this week’s edition of My Daddy Rocks, 10-year-old Emma says she and her daddy disagree when it comes to bedtime but she is confident her daddy could do 10 pushups.

Well, let’s her tell it!

My name is Emma and I am 10 years old.

My daddy’s name is Steve and I call him Daddy.

I love my daddy because he’s funny and nice

My favourite book to read with daddy is Ramona and Beezus.

My favourite song to sing with him is Things By The Barenaked Ladies.

I laugh out loud when Daddy tells me not to smile.

My daddy is really good at web design.

My daddy and I disagree when it comes to bedtime.

My daddy makes the best… cottage cheese? He doesn’t cook!

If I had to guess, my daddy could do ten push ups.

The thing my daddy could help you learn is math.

My favourite thing in the world to do with my daddy is wrestle and read.

This summer, me and my daddy are going to have lots of father daughter dates.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my daddy because he’s awesome with people.

The best advice I could give my daddy is be yourself.

My daddy rocks because he loves me!

Thank you to the lovely Shannon Fisher for sharing Emma with us today! Emma is a blogger too – find her at Emma is Write. Shannon likes to tell it like it is on her blog Truthfully. You can also find her on Twitter @shannonfisher or on her Facebook Fan Page

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