Redneck Grandpa: Grandma’s on a Breakaway

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Redneck Grandpa, Vancouver Mom BloggerIn small town British Columbia, the main industry is logging, beer is king and the culture varies from redneck conservative to hippy liberal. My father, an outspoken throwback who walks to the beat of his own drummer, loves to shares bits of redneck wisdom.

The scenario: Grandma is taking my son for a walk on the beach and has been gone longer than we expected.

redneck grandpa, vancouver mom bloggerAnd Redneck Grandpa says, “Grandma’s on a breakaway.”

“Grandma’s on a breakaway” could also apply to a shopping trip, lunch date, cooking spree or any other said activity that Grandpa thinks is a breakaway. God bless my mom for keeping her sense of humour over the years!

As for me, I have been known to say that Grandpa is the one on a breakaway…now that’s more like it!

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