Pink Shirt Day 2015: We’re Going to End Bullying

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As the mother of a 6 year old boy, I am deeply grateful for Pink Shirt Day and the way it raises awareness and helps to prevent bullying.

This week, my son is learning values about kindness and treating others the right way at school through educational discussions about bullying. His elementary school also models these values on an ongoing basis. I have seen it for myself at school events and heard it during morning announcements.

How great is that? I’m not saying that the problem of bullying has been solved. It obviously hasn’t and cyber bullying in particular is a huge issue. However, I feel hopeful about the future for my child and his fellow students. I really think (hope! fingers crossed!) ¬†they are going to be okay; they are learning about this at a young age and there are a ton of supports and resources available when trouble strikes.

So here’s to Pink Shirt Day, to all its supporters and to all the amazing, positive, kick ass “we’re going to end bullying” energy out there!

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