Winter Fun! Ice Skating at Como Lake

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We had a blast ice skating at Como Lake in Coquitlam today!

Skating at Como Lake

This is the first time we have been able to ice skate at a local lake since we moved here about 10 years ago. My dad – who grew up in Coquitlam – remembers skating on the lake only a few times in the 1950’s and 60’s. Apparently, there was a greenhouse on Gatensbury Street that would clear the snow off the frozen lake with a tractor for the skaters (but one year, the greenhouse was damaged by a big storm and went out of business).

Skating on Como Lake

The skating itself isn’t perfect as it’s a bit snowy and bumpy in places but what an experience! There were mini hockey games in progress and lots of families just skating around enjoying the outdoors.

Como Lake Skating

If you have skates bring them, but you can easily have fun on the ice with your boots and a hockey stick! A snow shovel to clear the ice from time to time and/or a hockey net are also a good idea.

Como Lake is located at 680 Gatensbury Street in Coquitlam. Ice skating is free.

Tips for Ice Skating at Como Lake

  1. According to the City of Coquitlam, the ice in the middle of Como Lake is measuring a solid 12 centimetres thick and ice skating at Como Lake is safe for the public in the marked area.
  2. There are three marked entry points to the skating area on the east (near the playground), west and south (near the parking lot) sides of the lake. The entry points on the east and west side of the lake are located at the docks so there is a convenient place to sit down and put on your skates.
  3. There are a few spots with open water remaining in the lake and those areas are obviously restricted.
  4. City staff are monitoring the weather and will post signage if the ice is no longer safe to use.



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