Leading Moms: Are you Winning at Life as a Mom?

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I attended the Leading Moms conference hosted by Crisp Media last week and it got me thinking that winning at life as a mom is all in the eye of the beholder.

I have often talked with Crisp Media CEO & Founder Christine Pilkington about how moms are portrayed in the media. She points out that moms aren’t usually winning at life in the media. For example, the mom you see in a typical commercial on television is a mess, in need of that perfect product to solve all her problems.

At Leading Moms, we heard empowering and inspirational talks by women who are having success as leaders and women, not in spite of being moms, but because of it. It doesn’t mean that you have to have everything figured out to be a leading mom because let’s face it – life is messy and sometimes hard. But do celebrate your own successes and look to the strengths you bring to the table.

This got me thinking about my choices since becoming a mom. I have become an entrepreneur which never crossed my mind until I became a mom and wanted a flexible work schedule. I run my own PR company in addition to this blog – and I like it. I like working for myself and having the freedom to work with clients that I respect. I like planning my own vacation time without asking for permission. I like being seen as an expert when I work with my clients.

This is a win. So why do we as women and moms not think about our successes as winning? Why are we so hard on ourselves, focusing on our failures or shortcomings?

How are you winning at life as a mom? What are you doing that you’ve not given yourself credit for? 




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