What is in Mama’s Purse?

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The question this week for Monday Listicles by Stasha at The good life is 10 things in my purse. So what’s in this mama’s purse today?

  1. Ultra Repair Lip Therapy by First Aid Beauty
  2. Matt by Matt and Nat Wallet
  3. Gum easy through floss
  4. Hot pink business card holder
  5. Red umbrella
  6. Random piece of gold ribbon
  7. Two free admission tickets to Maplewood Farms
  8. Boston Pizza Kids card
  9. Guarana lip butter by The Body Shop
  10.  One ticket to Oprah Winfrey Live (PS – I put on my party panties for Oprah and learned something unexpected…)

I was actually surprised there wasn’t more kid related stuff in there but then again I did clean out my purse last week. So what’s in your purse mamas (or wallets, papas)? I’d love to hear it!

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22 thoughts on “What is in Mama’s Purse?

  1. I was feeling good because I just downsized to a smaller purse thanks to successful potty training 2 weeks ago — but this now makes me realize the painful truth: my purse is still a dump.

  2. Ooooooh, I do love that business card holder. I need to replace mine badly. Mine has a “decorative” hole in the front. Nothing like pulling out a card dusted in “purse crumbs”…

  3. When I do clean my purse, I can always find something useless in it and then wonder how in the world it got in there. Your purse looks neat not what mine would be.

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