Valentines No No’s – what NOT to get for Her

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valentine's day gifts for her

Dear honey,

I love you, and I love the thoughtfulness of the gifts you have given me over the years. In fact, you are much better at picking things out for me than I am at thinking of good ideas to surprise you. I don’t think you need any advice on what to get me for Valentine’s Day but here is a list you can share with your man friends who need help on what not to get!

1. Kitchen utensils of any kind
2. Electronic gadgets unless it’s a Kobo
3. Condoms
4. Anything with Hello Kitty on it
5. Cheap chocolate (Purdy’s please)
6. Stuffed animals
7. White shoulders perfume
8. Black roses
9. Lingerie (unless you know exactly what she likes, her store, and her size)
10.  Nothing (wrong, wrong, wrong!)

And if I could add one more thing, a walk on the beach and a sweet “I love you” is all I need. Will you be mine?

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19 thoughts on “Valentines No No’s – what NOT to get for Her

    1. A Kobo is one of those readers for books, same thing as a Kindle if you know what that is…ha, if you don’t know what it is, you definitely wouldn’t want one!

  1. I don’t mind getting electronics….but yes, it must be the right kind.
    My iPod is almost full….. I wouldn’t turn down a new one.
    just don’t attach it to anything stuffed and holding a heart.

  2. Perfect. Also condoms made me laugh. Imagine the chap giving them to the girl and her using them with someone else. Then sending him a thank you card for saving her date. That’ll teach him.

    1. I’ve been at the store on Valentines before only to see the guy in front of me at the cash register loading up on boxes of chocolate, cards, flowers and yes condoms…now maybe those weren’t meant as part of the gift but still!

  3. No stuffed animals.

    And I think I must be the only one but I also can’t stand flowers. I love living green things so I’d prefer a plant, at least it will last!

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