Book Review: Introducing Solids by Dawwn Whittaker

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Introducing solid foods to your baby can seem intimidating for a new mom. Cheeky Chops Consultant Dawnn Whittaker has put together a great guide “Introducing Solids” to guide you step by step through the process. Read on for more information and to enter my contest to win a copy of this book!

My first question during my baby’s first year was At what age should I try solids with my baby? As Dawnn explains in the book, “There is no rush. Start when you feel that your baby is ready.” She also has a list of signs your child is ready to start eating solid foods. And moms – there is no hurry.

I love the way the book covers everything from what foods to introduce at each age and stage, first foods to try, foods to avoid, dealing with constipation, symptoms of allergies and even how to make your own baby food.

And how do you best fit solids into your schedule when you are already breast or bottle feeding? No problem. Dawnn lays out daily feeding routines for babies and toddlers up to age 3.

Now my son is already 3 years old and eats tons of foods but I did learn a few things from the section called Make Food Fun. I am definitely going to make a muffin tin meal by putting different foods – yogurt, cheese, egg, veggies, fruits, cereal, crackers for example – in the compartments and see what happens next!

This book makes feeding your baby solids easy peas-y and is very affordable at $10.99. For more information or to buy the book, visit Cheeky Chops Consulting.

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