Conceive the Dream: I am a Mother

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Vancouver mom blogger

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week is coming up on May 19 – 25. I am sharing my story as part of a challenge to help raise awareness and advocate for infertility support in Canada.  I invite my fellow bloggers and twitter users (with the hashtag #creatingfamilies) to share their stories and spread the word to help others who are struggling to conceive their own dreams of motherhood. 

Today is Mother’s Day – a special day for every mother but particularly meaningful for me because for some time, I feared I would never have a child. I am so lucky to have a beautiful almost five year old son with my husband. My family is complete. But…

vancouver mom blogger

Infertility cost us two years without having the family we wanted, two years of  anxiety and stress, and over $25,000. It is really hard to describe the emotional ups and downs, fear and pain, heartbreak and disappointment that comes with this medical condition.

My husband is the one who never let me give up on having our child when I hit rock bottom after our first in vitro cycle didn’t work. Thank God, he is a born optimist, a great balance to my pessimistic self. He supported me throughout saying things like, “we will have a baby no matter what it takes” or “this baby will be perfect, you’ll see.” Who could argue with that? Not me. And he was right. In 2008, I gave birth to my beautiful son. He was a premie and there was more scary stuff to go through before we brought home our healthy and happy little bundle of joy to light up our lives.
vancouver mom blogger

Today I know how lucky I am and in the process I have become much more of an optimist. I earned my badge of motherhood the hard way and when you make it through the fire, you are stronger for it. 

I am a Mother. There are no words more precious than that.

This is a sponsored post for the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada. More importantly, this is my story and I am proud to help raise awareness and be a part of the campaign for infertility support in Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Conceive the Dream: I am a Mother

  1. This is a great and emotional post about all the emotional and financial realities that impact infertile couples. Thanks so much for being part of this and sharing the message.

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