My Daddy Rocks: Sofia Marie

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Today’s My Daddy Rocks interview is with almost 2 year old Sofia Marie. She says she loves her daddy a lot because he plays stickers with her and soccer even though he is “really old” … and well, let’s let Sofia Marie tell it, with a little help from her mama.
My name is Sofia Marie and I am close enough to say I’m 2 years old.

My mama’s name is Tairalyn and she is helping me tell you about my daddy today because I just love him too much not to share.

My daddy’s name is Sammy and I call him Daddy, unless of course he doesn’t answer when I first bellow, which then I switch to a tactic mama uses which is call him by his name. SAAAAMMMMMMY! Works like a charm every time, I even get giggles from my audience when I do this, and I sure love the added attention. 

I love my daddy because he loves me. Everything he does is for me, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. He loves my mama a lot, and I love it when they hug and snuggle, I cannot stop giggling. I know he loves me so much because when I point to something on TV or in a flyer, I get it almost instantly. Now if that isn’t love, I dunno what is. It’s probably a good thing I’m an only child … for now.

My favourite book to read with daddy is anyone that involves stickers. I love reading books with daddy every night before bed, but the best part about books is the stickers that I find in them. I just love to cover daddy’s face with them, and even sometimes in his hair. Funny enough he just laughs and lets me get creative. Mama told me she picks them off before he goes to sleep, she must love him as much as I do to make sure he doesn’t go to bed with them on. Now that I think of it, daddy sure is a lucky guy to have me and mama to call his own…

I laugh out loud when Daddy kicks the ball and plays out back with me. He is so fast on his feet, he should really be a soccer player like I see on TV. I hear they make more money than Dora and Toopy and Binoo combined. Mama told me so.

One of my favourite things in the world to do with my daddy is dance. He doesn’t last as long as I can, but I will give him that much. He is like really old. Like 34 more years older than me. That’s REALLY old!

vancouver mom blogger

This summer, me and my daddy are going to play lots in the garden. He told me so! He built a garden just for me he said, he even put a windmill in there for me to play with while he picks weeds and waters it. Glad he doesn’t think I’m old enough to help with the hard stuff yet. I’m going to milk it for as long as I can.

My daddy rocks because he helped make me. And that’s pretty amazing, since I’m so cute. {my mama told me to say this}.

Thank you Sofia Marie! and thank you to Sofia Marie’s mama Tairalyn Ciulla who blogs at the amazing Little Miss Mama for joining in the fun! You can also find her on Twitter @QueenEarlGrey or on on her Facebook fan page.

If you know a daddy who rocks and would like to participate in this new series, please contact me at thewritemama(at)

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