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With all the stress of the holidays – the busyness, the expenses, travel, parties, crazy family dynamics and all that stuff – important topics like eye care may easily get overlooked.Today I am delighted to share a great offer from Image Optometry that puts your eye health front and center, makes getting glasses super affordable for families AND will score you a pair of Vancouver Canucks tickets.I have worn glasses since I was a teenager so keeping an eye on my son’s vision has been a priority especially since he hit school age. He doesn’t need glasses so far but he does seem to have borderline vision so we’ll be back to the eye doc to get that checked often and are trying to limit screen time.

Put up your hand (sheepishly raised over here) if you take better care of your child than yourself. Now that I am forty something, small print is looking smaller and smaller, and I need to get that checked soon. Regular eye exams are actually recommended every two years and I am way overdue.

Luckily Image Optometry has a great incentive during the holidays to get everyone excited about eye health.

Image Optometry’s Holiday Deal

Image Optometry, the official eye doctors for the Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps teams, is celebrating the season with an amazing deal for eye care and glasses.  

image optometry

Book an eye exam between now and December 31, 2016 for $89.95, and you’ll receive a free pair of glasses (if needed). Bring a friend or family member for an eye exam at the same time to receive a pair of Vancouver Canucks tickets to one of the following games:

Jan 4th – Canucks vs Coyotes

Jan 15th – Canucks vs Devils

Jan17th – Canucks vs Predators

Feb 2nd – Canucks vs Sharks

Feb 4th – Canucks vs Wild

Feb 19th – Canucks vs Flyers

March 9th – Canucks vs Islanders

March 16th – Canucks vs Stars

About Image Optometry

Image Optometry  is the largest, most affordable eye care chain in BC and one of the largest online optical stores. You can try glasses and contacts on before you buy with online prices and ‘bricks and mortar’ service. They are also the official eye doctors for the Vancouver Canucks and the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps team.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Image Optometry. All opinions are my own. 

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