Having a Ball at the Nat

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“We promise to respect each other. We promise not to leave with a clean uniform. We promise to have fun! Let’s play ball!” With that pledge, 300 girls and boys, age 6 to 11 cheered loudly as they headed out into the field tonight at Nat Bailey Stadium to kick off a very special summer mini league for local children in need.

The kids were outfitted from head to toe with spanky new uniforms, ball gloves and sports bags as part of the program which is a collaboration between the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC and the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation.

Melt my heart. The kids looked adorable out there playing ball, like they were having the time of their lives.

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs, says that aside from playing baseball, the children are learning life skills such as teamwork and self esteem. They are working with coaches and mentors from the community, building healthy relationships with people who care.

These are the same kinds of things that I want my son to learn. Right now we are spending $1,000 each year on various recreational activities and he is only 4 years old! Just wait until he’s 10 and we’re taking him to hockey and baseball, piano lessons and who knows what else! I can’t wait but I know the costs will add up in a world where the cost of everything keeps increasing and affordability is an issue.

Every child has the right to play whether it’s sports, music, art or dance. Sadly, some won’t be able to whether it’s due to a financial barrier or a lack of support and encouragement. So it’s great to see these kids having a ball!

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