My Little Forest Fairy

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In May, there was an amazing event called the Forest Fairy Gathering at Burnaby Lake Regional Park. As you can see someone had a lot of fun searching out the perfect sticks, twigs and leaves to build a fairy house. You can dress up for the occasion with fairy wings or even your batman costume.
 vancouver mom blogger

Then you visit the fairy market for some decorations made by nature.

vancouver mom blogger

Get busy building because the little blue fairy you made for a craft needs a place to live!

vancouver mom blogger

Tired after a long day’s work.

vancouver mom blogger thewritemama forest fairy closeup

Busy looking adorable.

vancouver mom blogger thewritemama walk like a duck

And then walk like a duck on the way home.

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6 thoughts on “My Little Forest Fairy

    1. Metro Vancouver has a lot of great events and I run a meetup group where I post cool stuff like this on the calendar. Y

  1. Hi, Lori, This is such a fun idea. I was wondering – do you have any tips that you picked up from the fairy market or while talking with others regarding decorations for fairy homes? Also, is there a park in the Lower Mainland where people have made fairy homes? That would be a fun idea.

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