The Elementary Years: The Drop-off

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elementary school

You’re 8 years old, this child of mine who is growing up so fast. Stubborn, spirited, happy, moody, determined. It’s Grade 3, and you’ve reached that self conscious stage where you don’t want to be seen with me anymore in the morning. Sigh.

Elementary school drop-off at the beginning of this year started out with a quick walk as we walked down the street after parking our vehicle. I’d have to remember to say “goodbye” and “have a good day” as we got out of the car. As we got closer to the school, you’d drop my hand and walk a bit quicker, excited to see which of your friends were already there to greet you. And then you’d run away, eager to get on with your day.

“Bye mom,” you’d say as you raced towards today’s adventure.

By the end of the year, school drop-off happened at the front of the school with a fly-by though the school driveway. We’d talk about the day to come on the quick drive over.

“What’s happening today at school?” I’d say.

Favourite elementary school days included computers and gym days.

“What else is happening today mom?” he’d ask.

Was there a soccer practice? Swimming or an art course that day? Or would be doing errands? And then…

“Okay. Thanks mom. See you.”

“Have fun. Be kind,” I’d say as you slid open the door and leaped out onto the sidewalk.

“I love you.”

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