The Elementary Years: Track Meet Tomorrow

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Track Meet

Tomorrow my son is off to his first school district track meet. This is a very exciting event in our 9 year old’s life as he is going to be competing in shot put.

Dude was very pleased with himself when he came home from school today wearing his red track and field jersey in preparation for tomorrow’s event. Last year, he tried out for high jump and didn’t get picked for the team.

It turns out that Grade 3, 4 and 5 boys are very competitive around the track and field program at school. My son only tried out for one event that he thought he might be good at again this year. Basically the children have to meet a standard for each event, and then get “picked” to go to the District Track Meet by the teacher coaching that event.

There was some peer pressure at school about what some friends might or might not be trying out for. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but it did bring up the topic of what kind of opportunities you might miss out on in life if you are waiting for a friend to do it first.

I’m on driving duty so we’ll be heading down to the park early in the morning to get settled in.¬†Wish us luck!

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