Joey Coquitlam Creates a Dessert for Moi

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A  lovely group of my Top 30 blogger friends headed out to Joey Coquitlam for a fun reunion dinner this week. We were dazzled by the Joey staff who had a few surprises up their sleeves to make our dinner memorable.

Ahi tuna taco.
This is the amazing dessert that the Joey Coquitlam staff created in honour of my blog! It is banana bread with whiskey sauce and ice cream. So yummy!

When they brought everyone a specially created banana bread dessert in honour of my blog, I was speechless. Has blogging ever tasted so good?

Jen Kossowan (Mama Papa Bubba), Lori McGrath (Half Baked Banana Bread), Erin McGann (Erin at Large), Taslim Jaffer (Let Me Out! Release Your Creative Self), Lisa Corriveau (The Sprog), Bianca Bujan (Bits of Bee), Jessica Blumel (North Shore Mama), Amy Lee (The Connection We Share), Nat Nanton (Nat Nanton)

Thank you Joey Coquitlam!

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