The Elementary Years: First Day of School

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First Day of School

There were a few nerves today on the first day of Grade 4, but not too many. We’ve done this before after all, starting with that first day of Kindergarten¬†not so very long ago.

Today we picked up a friend of my son’s on the way to school. The kids were happy to be back together with their peers after a long summer.

The boys wore shorts and running shoes per usual for a hot day. No fancy first day of school outfits. Just another day as an active, busy 9 year old.

I’ll never understand why they do it this way, but in this school district the first day of school only runs for half an hour. It was a quick drop off and pickup before we were headed home for an extended playdate and a fun first day of school lunch out.

We will learn a lot more about Grade 4 this week – who my son’s teacher is and all the little details to come about the new classroom and classmates.

I know the year will go by fast. Too fast. We may not be ready for that, but we’re ready for tomorrow.


The Elementary Years: The Drop Off





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