10 Things I Love about My Son

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I put together a list of things you don’t know about my little monkey as a follow up to last week’s 5 things about moi post. Of course, I think my son is amazing so here’s my chance to show him off a little!

1. He is a born negotiator. When he asks for something and I say no or we are talking about something and have different opinions, he’ll smile at me and say “how can we work that out?” Ha! Little monkey. It works too!

2. He loves tools! He helped my husband take the winter tires off the other day and he can basically take the lug nuts off all by himself with the impact wrench and then put them back on the all season tires. So amazing!

3. He has a keen sense of smell. Once and a while I eat something he doesn’t like the scent of and he can’t stand to be in the same room with me!

4. He has an amazing vocabulary. I talked to him all the time from the time he was a baby as well as teaching him baby sign language. Maybe that did it or maybe he is just naturally brilliant!

5. Despite being a very picky eater and driving me nuts at times, he ate pretty much every kind of fruit and vegetable I  put on his plate from a very early age. Lately he has become much easier to please and has added lots more foods to his diet and mommy doesn’t need to make a special meal for him anymore.

6. He loves to give millions of kisses.  This affectionate loving little boy can’t get enough kisses and neither can I. How lucky is that?

7. His gorgeous eyes and infectious smile get me every time.

8. He never took a soother. Not his thing. He much preferred the boob – that’s another story though!

9.  He sleeps with his arms flung out above his head and has done so since he was a tiny baby. Who can sleep that way?

10. He will start kindergarten in September. Where oh where has the time gone?

I am one lucky mama – what an amazing kid!

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2 thoughts on “10 Things I Love about My Son

  1. Hi Lori – your son sounds simply adorable. Love the cute little list you have posted here. Loads of insight into his personality. God Bless him.

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